Setup the reader for Windows Server

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To make it simple, you just connects your PC (set the IP address of it to and the reader, either directly or through a switch.

Then install the IIS with PHP support (

Create \avea.php as follows:

echo “<html><body><AVEA>”;
echo “DHCP=0”; // disable DHCP
echo “IP=”; // whatever IP you want
echo “NM=255.255.2555.000”; // whatever netmask
echo “GW=”; // whatever gateway
echo “WS=”; // whatever web server
echo “BEEP=1”; // make a beep sound to indicate the setup is success
echo “</AVEA></body><html>”;

After the reader make a beep sound, power off the reader and reset the PC to original IP settings. Power up the reader again and it will talk to the web server (i.e.