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wac2 iot wiegand access controller

Support wiegand  26bit or 34bit devices (auto detect).
To manipulate the credentials, just write some scripts on your web server.

Just a simple design of a web page.

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iot controller for wiegand devices

WAC2 is an IoT access controller powering for standard HTTP web based platform .

More Power for IoT Controller

It talks to a web server. Embedded with Ethernet connection and using HTTP for communication control protocol. Benefit from rock-solid connectivity with WAC2’s built-in Ethernet connection. Experience uninterrupted communication between your devices and the web server, ensuring reliability and stability in your IoT network.

More Performance

WAC2 provides 3,000 access cards and 50,000 access logs records. Harness the power of HTTP for precise and efficient communication control. With WAC2 IoT Controller, data exchange and command execution are optimized for speed and accuracy, enabling seamless interaction between your devices and the web server.

More Wiegand

Support wiegand  26bit or 34bit devices (auto detect).

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