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AVEA creates and manufactures

RFID products since 2003.

Welcome to AVEA: Revolutionizing Access Control with Cutting-Edge HTTP IoT RFID Technology

At AVEA, we understand the challenges businesses face with traditional RFID systems. That's why we've developed innovative HTTP IoT RFID reader solutions to address your security and efficiency needs.

Our Solutions

With our HTTP IoT RFID reader solutions, you can say goodbye to the inefficiencies of traditional methods. Our real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities provide you with instant visibility into access events, ensuring enhanced security and peace of mind for your organization.

Why Choose AVEA?

When it comes to RFID system, we know you have options. However, Avea stands out from the competition with our advanced security features, streamlined real-time management, and ease of integration with existing systems.

We was founded in 1997. Specialized in providing high-performance and competitively priced products to business founders in electronic and telecommunication sectors. Our experiences in product development enable us to adopt the RFID technology to a creative, simple and innovative design. We are committed to ensuring that your investment in the world’s simplest RFID platform can be rewarded with time saving and economies of scale.

We have been helping companies to build RFID systems since 2003. The RFID reader can be used in a wide variety of commercial applications, including access control, time attendance, asset tracking, payment system, identity management or embedded solution.

RFID network

IoT RFID reader 

AVEA creates an All in One RFID reader equipped with Ethernet interface and relay control. Provide the simplest HTTP platform to realize your dreams and fly freely in the sky with no limits.

Much more than an RFID reader

Our all in One RFID reader are equipped with Ethernet interface and relay control. Provide the simplest HTTP platform to realize your dreams and fly freely in the sky with no limits.

It is simple but powerful.

Discover the HTTP IoT RFID reader.

AVEA RFID cloud solution with relay

RFID reader with relay control 

Previously, RFID readers necessitated intricate controller systems. However, in 2003, AVEA pioneered a significant shift by launching RFID readers equipped with RS232/RS485 interfaces and relay control. This breakthrough facilitated seamless connectivity, enabling readers to effortlessly interface with robust computers. Consequently, this advancement bestowed unparalleled flexibility in application development. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of AVEA's cutting-edge RFID solutions today.

Built-in relay. Simple is best.

RFID modules & electronic kits

Discover the forefront of RFID technology with our RFID modules and electronic kits. Since our inception in 2003, AVEA has been leading the way in RFID innovation. Our RFID modules empower customers to seamlessly integrate RFID technology into their applications, unlocking endless possibilities for access control devices. Experience the freedom to expand and enhance your access control solutions with ease.