built in relay 



125 kHz Cloud Based

WEB client IP WEB08S RFID Reader

Compact size : 97mm x 57mm x 23.5mm

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WEB08S RFID Reader is the fastest and simplest way

for collecting time data via RFID card. 

Upon RFID card detected by the reader, it will sent a GET request to the web server and requesting the page avea.php.

The server responses with standard HTTP reply to reader with embedded controls between <AVEA> and <AVEA> tags.

PHP Code Example

// setup variables
$cmd=$_GET["cmd"]; ........

RFID with ethernet interfaceEmbedded Ethernet

no more adapter or controller

plug directly into your network by CAT5 cable

Built-in relay. Simple is best.

Built-in user controllable relay output for external controlling

no controller is needed


HTTP web client with PHP/ASP enabled

perfect RFID solutions for HTTP server like Apache/IIS with PHP/ASP and mySQL database server

send PHP/ASP URL requests to the HTTP server with the various parameters

accepts responses from the HTTP server to perform various actions on the reader


Open communication standard

designing application is just like designing web pages

See how to setup the WEB08S RFID Reader

<WEB08S user manual >

See the sample records collecting from the WEB08S RFID Reader

<WEB08S sample data>