qr1m Mifare Wiegand 34 RFID QR Code ReaderMifare Wiegand 34 RFID QR Code Reader

QR1M is an RFID QR code card reader for WAC2 (AVEA http wiegand access controller) or any wiegand input controller. Good for office access management, visitor access management, smart home or access control systems.

Please see our WAC2 http wiegand access controller information from https://avea.cc/wac2/


Working Voltage : DC 9 - 12V
Current : 100mA
Working Temperature : 0 to 50 ℃
Reading Speed : 0.2 second
Inter Reading Interval : 0.5 second
Output Format : Wiegand 34
QR Code Length : 10 decimal digits
RFID Card Type : Mifare Classic UID 32bit only
RFID Card Reading Distance : ~3cm
Dimensions : 86mm x 86mm x 42mm

Wire Connection

wire connection

Wire connection: 
VCC        : DC12V
GND        : GND
D0           : DATA0
D1           : DATA1
LED         : LED indicate (active low)
BEEP      : Sound (active low)

TX/R+      :do not connect

RX/R-      :do not connect

SPK-,SPK+:not defined;

RJ45                 :do not connect
micro-USB        :do not connect


  1. Please do not connect the power to the SPK+ and SPK- ports;
  2. Re wiegand output, the QR code format should comply with the combination of hexadecimal number 0~F. Otherwise, the controller cannot receive the card data.
  3. The defaultQR code output is decimal number.



- Prepare a 86mm bottom case, two screws and a flat blade screwdriver.

- Inset the flat blade screwdriver to the front panel. Level toward the front panel as below:

qr1m installation- Dismantle the front panel.

- Fix the QR code reader to the 86mm bottom case with screws.

- Align the front panel to the buckle.

- Press the front panel to the buckle.