All in One mifare RFID IoT Reader.

Compact size : 101mm x 71mm x 32mm
  • Engineered for cloud platform.
  • Integrated with the simplest HTTP platform.
  • Embedded with relay control.
  • User controllable LCD display for human interface.
  • Allow a 4-digit PIN for access.
It is simple but powerful.

Sample records and user manual

Click here to visit AVEA's server for sample records

Click here for MF-WEB05A user manual

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HTTP ready. Simple and easy.

HTTP web client with PHP/ASP enabled.

Embedded with ethernet.

Perfect RFID solutions for HTTP server. 

Upon RFID card detected by the reader, it will sent a GET request to the web server and requesting the page avea.php. The server responses with standard HTTP reply to reader with embedded controls between <AVEA> and </AVEA> tags.

    • cloud based http web clinet
    • page cloextension .php, .asp, .cfm, .pl, .htm and .html
    • HTTP web server systems IIS and ASP from Microsoft; Apache with PHP with MySQL database server from Unix/Linux; standard html web server


Not just an RFID reader. It is embedded with relay control.

  • No controller is needed.
  • With function to open door from remote PC.
  • Great for door access control.

Embedded with controllable relay output on the terminal blocks, where:

  • NC - normal close, it is connected to C normally
  • C - common, it will connects to either NO or NC, but not both
  • NO - normal open, it is open circuit normally