All in one RFID reader.

Ready for your web server. Just plug and play.

AVEA provides you with the TCP/IP Ethernet based RFID reader / terminal. It is implemented as a
standalone HTTP web client (i.e. no extra computer is needed).

Available in two frequency:

HTTP NFC/mifare RFID reader

Reading out the UID of the following card type:
- Mifare1 S50/S70
- Mifare Ultralight
- Mifare Pro
- Mifare DESFire
- Mifare Plus
- Mifare derivatives
For reading the contents using KEYA or KEYB, only S50/70 is supported

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HTTP 125 kHz RFID reader

Reading out the ID of the following card type:
- EM4001
- EM4100
- EM4102
- TK4100
- TK4102

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HTTP IoT RFID reader breakthrough.

Engineered for cloud platform.
Integrated with the simplest HTTP platform.
Embedded with relay control.
It is a simple but powerful IoT RFID reader.

embedded with ethernet

HTTP web client RFID reader with PHP/ASP enabled.

Perfect RFID solutions for HTTP server.

Upon RFID card detected by the RFID reader, the IoT RFID reader will send a GET request to the web server and requesting the page avea.php. The server responses with standard HTTP reply to the RFID reader with embedded controls between <AVEA> and </AVEA> tags.

  • cloud based http web client
  • page extension .php, .asp, .cfm, .pl, .htm and .html
  • HTTP web server systems IIS and ASP from Microsoft; Apache with PHP with MySQL database server from Unix/Linux; standard html web server

equipped with relay control

Equipped with relay control

Great for applications of door access control.

AVEA ‘s RFID readers are embedded with controllable relay output on the terminal blocks, where:
  • NC - normal close, it is connected to C normally
  • C - common, it will connects to either NO or NC, but not both
  • NO - normal open, it is open circuit normally